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Working It With Red

Let's face it. Selecting the perfect shade of Red lipstick to complement your skin tone can be difficult. Whether you have cool or warm undertones, here are some tips to picking that classic red lipsticks to rock this F1 season. FAIR SKIN: For that sophisticated look, consider giving craberry color a go if dark lipsticks isn't your forte.

MEDIUM SKIN: Lucky bunch if you have medium understones. You can rock with most shades of red, just as long as they are not too pink. Brighten up any makeup look by going for red lipsticks with an orange hue. DARK SKIN: Go for raspberry shades as they promote brightness and youth. Keep the eys and face natural to get the maximum red lips effect. As with any bright colors, remember to blot your lips with a tissue after application to avoid bleeding. Check those teeth in the event of accidental stain marks too. Now you're all set and ready to rock on and turn heads during this F1 season. Look as stunning as those fast cars

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