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Up and rising niche fragrance brand you need to know about

Are you already following this big fragrance trend? The trend of moving away from mainstream fragrances and looking for less diffused, more unique scents that speaks of our personality. With that said, Diptyque is the player you need to know in this niche perfume industry. Founded in Paris in the late '60s, the brand has created several iconic creations that have won the hearts of many.

What’s unique about Diptyque?

Having a long history of almost 50 years, this brand has been regarded as an old classic but still going strong decades due to the unique mixes of the scent. This is another successful perfume brand that was founded by people who are not perfumers by profession. Today, Diptyque continues to search the globe for sensory delights, gathering ingredients from the world’s finest regions in order to continue to create its traditional olfactory experience. In fact, the brand's scented candles and home fragrances division is more popular than their fine fragrance counterpart. While, the personal fragrance collection are celebrated with longevity and sillage.

Signature scents of Diptyque

1. Diptyque Do Son Eau de Toilette

Family: Floral

Top notes: African orange flower, rose and iris

Middle notes: tuberose and pink pepper

Base notes: benzoin and musk

If you are a fan of floral scent, then Do-son is the go-to scent for you! A beautiful blend of Tuberose, white florals, Orange and Musk that gives a fresh and green floral scent that smells feminine but not too sweet.

2. Diptyque Tam Dao Eau de Toilette

Diptyque Tam Dao | BeautyFresh

Family: Woody

Top notes: rose, myrtle and Italian cypress

Middle notes: sandalwood and cedar

Base notes: spices, amber, white musk and Brazilian rosewood

The hallmark of so many Diptyque scents which is a must try for sandalwood lovers. This blend of woods and ambergris features a gorgeous, dry sandalwood note that has earned it a devoted following. The opening is primarily cypress, very green and sharp, with a vaguely industrial feel. Then the blend of exotic incense-like sandalwood and softer, sweeter rosewood begins to develop slowly. The sandalwood becomes luxurious and creamy, with additional richness from the ambergris. Luminous and tranquil, with a meditative quality.

3. Diptyque Rose Eau de Toilette

Diptyque Rose EDT | BeautyFresh

Family: Floral

Top notes: bergamot, black currant and litchi

Middle notes: jasmine, geranium and rose

Base notes: musk, virginia cedar and white honey

Eau Rose, a fresh-floral perfume that pays tribute to the queen of flowers, the rose. It's like taking an olfactory stroll, which you savor from morning to night, by wearing a rose that changes as the hours go by and melts into the scent of the person wearing it.

Diptyque perfumes are unisex which are suitable for both women and men. Start exploring the collection over at our website and add these into your niche perfume collection.

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