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How long should you keep your makeup

How long should you keep your makeup | BeautyFresh

Find out what are the 3 cosmetics that have the shortest shelf life and learn how to tell if these products are past their expiration dates.

1. Mascara

Lancome Hypnose Waterproof Mascara | BeautyFresh

Shelf life: Three months

Reason: Pumping the mascara wand into the tube helps to use more product but at the same time, it drags air and germs into the product. This causes it to dry out or go bad.

Tell-tale signs for replacement: If your mascara flakes, clumps, dries out, or smells, it’s time to toss it to prevent eye infection.

2. Liquid Eyeliner

YSL Eyeliner Effet Faux Cils Shocking | BeautyFresh

Shelf life: Three to six months

Reason: Gel and liquid liners that are applied with a brush should be tossed every six months to avoid an eye infection. Eye pencils and retractable pens have a longer shelf life since they're constantly getting sharpened or worn down. Just in case you don't use them up in a year, they should meet the trash can after the first anniversary.

Tell-tale signs for replacement: Your liquid liner will dry out or smell if it has gone bad.

3. Lip Gloss

MAC Lipglass | BeautyFresh

Shelf life: Six months to one year

Reason: The wand applicator of the lip gloss traps dust during each application and can lead to bacteria build up. Hence, it is advisable to replace your lips gloss every 6 months. Good news if you have lip gloss in a squeeze tube because you can keep it longer to a year with smaller chances of bacteria getting into the product.

Tell-tale for replacement: when your lip gloss dries up or change in color.

Out with the old and In with the NEW! Be sure to toss the products that are past their expiration dates!

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