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The Insider Edit - Part 1, Wang Xiao Mei

Skip the mentioning of products or promotions and for today, we are introducing you the team behind BeautyFresh. Whether it’s the guy who is designing the EDMs you have been receiving or churning pictures on our Social Media or the girl who is sourcing for the beauty products that you love or the friendly staff who is answering all the enquiries and questions you might have. We’re not just an e-commerce business but an organisation that worked day and night in making this dream, BeautyFresh come to life. Meet our Purchasing Executive, Wang Xiao Mei, who ensures the freshest beauty offerings to satisfy your beauty cravings! As an experienced purchaser, she has been sourcing for the best of beauty and at the same time, cherry-picking the ones in trend. We believe she must have some tips or insights up to her sleeve when it comes to beauty and fashion

It seems that you have a pretty demure dress sense, could you tell us about your fashion sense and where do you usually shop? Thank You(Blush). I would describe my fashion sense as simple where I usually dressed in black and white which are my favourite colours. Mango, Zara and G2000 are places that I usually shop at.

Share with us your secret to good skin despite your hectic lifestyle. Be happy and drink lots of water and most importantly, use the right skincare that is best suited for your complexion.

What about your skincare regime and why do you use these products? My skincare regime is as such: I’m currently using SK-II Essence, La Mer Eye Concentrate and La Mer Creme de La Mer on a daily basis to ensure my skin is constantly hydrated. On top of that, I use SK-II Facial Treatment Mask on a weekly basis and Kiehl’s Ultra Facial Overnight Hydrating Masque every fortnightly.

Also, tell us more about the beauty products you have in your bag? They are: SK-II Mid Day Miracle Essence, Jill Stuart Lip Stick, Hera BB Cushion and a Chanel Mirror. I can’t leave without the SK-II Mid Day Essence when i’m out as my skin tend to be dry and flaky after a long day of work in an air-conditioned environment.

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