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Tips to scent up your house

Tips to scent up your house | BeautyFresh

Chinese New Year is almost here and while most of us are busy with decorations, one last thing you wouldn’t want to forget is to scent up your home. Here are some tips on how to keep your home smelling great especially when the visits start!

4 Tips on how to make your home smell amazing

1. Light up candles

Candles | BeautyFresh

Candles are a great in making your home smell amazing. Not only that, it sets a warm and welcoming ambiance to make your guests comfortable. Finding the right scent for your home may prove challenging but we recommend Glasshouse Saigon Candle for a feeling of celebration and vibrancy, Byredo Loose Lips Bibliothèque Candle to create an atmosphere of tranquility and comfort and the Diptyque Mini Candle Coffret that has 3 kinds of scents to suit the mood you are trying to recreate.

2. Use diffusers

Jo Malone Diffusers | BeautyFresh

Diffusers are a great to put in spaces where you can just leave it. Unlike a candle which you must check ever so often, diffusers are simple and easy. Reeds soak up the fragrance in the oil to disperse the scent into the air. Like scented candles, it also comes in different scents. If you want to greet your guests with positive thoughts and mind refreshing scents that remove mental fatigue, go for IKOU’s Aromacology Zen Diffuser Reed. Alternately, you may choose to envelop your home with the scent of festivities to celebrate the Chinese New Year with Jo Malone’s Red Roses Diffuser.

3. Spray your room

Cults The Decor Spray | BeautyFresh

Room Sprays are also amazing when it comes to instantly making your home smell great. Just spray on any room for an instant burst of warmth, freshness or sunshine. Perfect for use on curtains, couches or the carpet. Try Culti’s The Decor Room Spray for a slow and meditative scent, certainly a tribute to calmness.

4. Make sure your place doesn’t overwhelm

Try to use a single smell for every living space in your home. Too much variety may cause the nose to get uncomfortable and overwhelm the senses. Not only that, there are common smells like cooking and wet towels that can alter the overall scent of your home. Make sure to air out towels and keep the air flowing in while cooking by opening a window or exhaust fan to keep your home scents true and clean.

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