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Jucia Chong's Musings - Masked Beauty

How to make the most out of your sheet masks You probably already have a whole stash of the wildly popular sheet masks at home (if you don’t, it’s time you invested in some – they’re all hyped up for good reason!), and here’s just a few tips to make the most out of them!

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Always begin with freshly cleansed face. Exfoliating beforehand is also recommended to remove dead skin cells and to open up your pores, which makes your skin more absorbent to the goodness of the mask! Follow up with a toner, then apply the mask according to the instructions on the package. For a cooling and relaxing effect, pop the mask in the fridge for a couple of minutes before application. It isn’t recommended to leave the mask on for longer than directed on the package as reverse osmosis can occur, drawing moisture out of your skin instead! Remove mask, massage and gently pat the essence into skin. Finally, finish with your favourite moisturizer for an added boost of moisture and hydration! xoxo, Jucia Chong

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