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Jucia Chong's Musings - Achieving The Perfect Smokey Eye Look

Your Step-By-Step Everyday Smokey Eye Tutorial

Step 1: Always start with a freshly cleansed and moisturized face. Step 2: Conceal above and below your eyes, paying special attention to the inner and outer corners. This step prepares your eyes for the eye shadow that you are going to apply. Step 3: Fill entire lid with an ivory or cream coloured eyeshadow. Step 4: Highlight brow bone with white eyeshadow or eye pencil. Step 5: Apply brown shadow onto outer lid - from the center of the lid to the outer corner of the eye, and sweep over crease softly. Step 6: Blend out the edges on the outer corners softly. Step 7: Using the same brown shadow, brush under lower lid. Blend it out from the center to the outer of the lower lid. Step 8: Line upper lid and waterline with a black cream or pencil liner. Smudge gently for a softer look. Step 9: To make your eyes appear larger and brigher, line the inner corners of your eyes with a white pencil or shadow. Blend. Step 10: Finally, curl and add mascara to top and bottom lashes. For a more dramatic look, finish off with your favourite falsies. Ps. Remember – the key to the perfect smokey eyes is lots of smudging and blending, and of course, lots of practice! xoxo, Jucia Chong

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