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Jucia Chong's Musings: How To Apply Blush For Your Face Shape

Applying Blusher According To Face Shapes For healthy, natural colour, nothing beats blush. It brightens your complexion and gives it a youthful glow. Here are some quick tips on how to apply blush according to different face shapes!

Oval – Go with your natural cheekbones as oval is considered the ideal face shape (lucky you!). Apply from the midpoint of the apples of your cheeks (the fleshy bits that stick out when you smile) and sweep upwards towards your temples – almost like the Nike “swoosh” logo! Round – Suck in your cheeks as much as you can and follow that line; you can add definition and structure to your face shape by applying your blush at a 45-degree angle. Square – Apply blush in small circles focusing on the apples of your cheeks. This gives the illusion of a rounder and fuller face shape, and also softens your jawline making you appear more “doll-like”! Heart – You may want to follow the instructions for square face shapes but bring your blush slightly up towards your cheekbones. Don’t overdo it though – the focus should still be on the apples of your cheeks. Long – To create width and balance out the length in your face, apply blush across your cheeks in a horizontal direction. This can sometimes appear unnatural and harsh so remember to blend so it looks as natural as possible! xoxo, Jucia Chong

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