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What‘s Your Signature Scent?

Finding the right perfume for you Your scent is more than just a beauty accessory. It defines you and your character and can even become part of your own identity. Basically, when you found your own preferred scent you are comfortable with, it becomes your signature scent. It is now one of the ways people use to know your presence. You can own that scent as if it is a part of your DNA people recognizes.

Know what you like Finding your signature scent begins by knowing what you like and dislike. Compile a list of fragrances you like and jot down what you like about them. This will help has a reference in your hunt for your favourite and perfect scent.

Understanding your personality Scents also express personality and even stimulate emotions. There are those who’d like to have strong yet mysterious scents to show their reserve personality and attract others. Some would like a fruity scent that can show innocence and bubbliness. Some want something girly while others prefer a more natural and gentle scent. These scents complement the very way you behave. Moreover, people develops a sense of familiarity with the aid of perfumes.

Note how your scent evolves Most fragrances come alive on your skin and react with your body’s natural scent. The “top note” - your first impression of the fragrance, usually lasts about 20 minutes. It will then evolve according to our fluctuating body temperature throughout the day. Also take into consideration the type of skin you have. On dry skin, the fragrance will dissipate faster. As Jucia Chong previously shared, for long-lasting effects, remember to moisturize!

Sometimes you might prefer a scent that doesn’t suit you. But most importantly, pick the scent that makes you comfortable and makes you feel more like yourself. Once you find it, it would be like a match made in heaven that you can own for the rest of your life.


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