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A Dose Of Beauty Madness: Beauty Survival Kit

A daily dose of pretty smile paired with a rosy cheek is an essential to every lady carrying the madness of beauty. Simplicity is something that is underrated but the very essence of the words expresses as huge connotation and is firm when embodied. It can stand out even without excessive use of accessories and beauty aid. One more thing that should be broken in the concept of simplicity is the deprivation of using beauty products and cosmetics while in fact make up can basically refine the spirit of simplicity. On that note, being simple and pretty doesn’t mean a total denunciation in the use of makeup but utilizing the basic beauty products in a very subtle way. Hence, there few beauty products that should still be found in your bag to stay pretty and look radiant. “Can’t Live Without These!”

Finishing Powder or Foundation Being caught in the middle of the day with an oil slick running down your face is a makeup disaster! For an immediate solution, one should always keep a powder or foundation to “touch-up”. Laneige BB Cushion SPF50+ PA+++ is our go-to foundation because it’s so easy to apply and gives you great coverage. It feels light on the skin and is especially amazing in our hot and humid climate. A few quick pats is all you need around the face and you’re all set to go!

Mascara Always a partner in crime with the above. Revive your makeup by applying a fresh coat of mascara and powder. Mascara opens up and defines your eyes, while the powder hides the redness and fills in any spots where your foundation has faded away. Clinique’s Mini Lash Power Mascara is our favourite easygoing, daytime mascara that adds definition without too much drama.

Lipstick If you’re not much of a mascara person, keep your eyes simple but add a pop of colour to your lips to dress up your makeup look. One should never look pale from the bright morning to the gentle setting of the sun. A lipstick can also improve your smile and character. Just a touch of a healthy shade of red or pink is enough to make you look always at your best. If you’re into red lips - definitely a beauty essential, nothing fits the bill better than M.A.C.’s Matte Lipstick. Its bright red hue brightens up your entire face and it rarely fades or smudges. Layer it over with a moisturising lip balm like Clinique’s Mini Chubby Stick for that extra moisture to ensure it lasts all day.

Perfume Be at your best scent always. Being pretty is not always about having a pretty face but also having a pleasant scent. This is essential since scents can wear off after sometime. Having it in your bag is a handy and convenient way to stay madly pretty and fragrant. This season, we’re into Hermes Ce Coffret Quatre Miniatures Set. There are 4 mini-sized fragrances that allows us to spritz on depending on the mood of the day. Some Skincare Items You should have with you your sunscreen and some lotion to keep your skin from any harmful agents especially the sun. It can cause blemishes which is a nightmare to every girl. Do not forget to bring these and other skincare items that can help you maintain your healhty skin. They may be few but if it is effective, then it is the best skincare product for you. Our to-go sunscreen this season is Laneige's Sun Block Supreme SPF50+ PA+++. It is waterproof and resists water and sweat. xoxo, Fellow BeautyFresher

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