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Jucia Chong's Musings - Sultry Makeup But Urban Attitude

Hello Perfect Smoky Eyes! Sultry smoky eye makeup can be a girl’s sexy best friend or worst nightmare (hello smudges and raccoon eyes!). Here are some Do’s and Don’ts for perfecting your smoky eye look. DO: Brighten up dark eyeshadow – rim your waterline with a white pencil to make eyes look instantly awake. To open them up even more, gently clamp lashes down with a curler for 10 seconds and add two coats of mascara. DON’T: Pile on all your makeup at once – pairing heavy blush and intense lipstick and a pound of bronzer is anything but sultry when you’ve got major eye makeup going on. A smoky eye looks best when it pops out against minimal makeup. DO: Play with eyeshadow colour – swap out the smoky eye basic grey/black shadows for standout jewel tones. DON’T: Forget to add a LITTLE highlighter – shimmery white shadow is great for adding a little sparkle to your inner corners, but working it up to your brows is glitter overkill. DO: Try the whole golden shimmer thing – dust a copper coloured shadow on your lids and smudge it along the lower lash line. Add a hint of bronzer and a nude gloss for a neutral, everyday smoky eye look that’s anything but boring! DON’T: Go wild with your shadow – when it comes to black shadow, less is more. In the beauty world, dark under-eye circles are never a good thing. DO: Add some colour to your cheeks – smile in the mirror to find your apples and dust on a rosy shade. Blend colour toward your temples. DON’T: Let your eyeliner get out of control – when liquid liner starts getting too thick and close to your hairline, break out the makeup remover. One word of advice: Start with a little liner, then work your way up. xoxo, Jucia Chong

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