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Jucia Chong's Musings - DIY Eye Soothers

We all love a little DIY beauty project every now and then. With simple ingredients you can put together at home, here’s how you can achieve beautiful, healthy looking and sparkling eyes! Chamomile tea helps ease redness and puffiness around the eyes - Steep two teabags in freshly boiled water for 3 minutes. Remove and place in the refrigerator until cooled. Place one bag over each eye and relax for 15 minutes. (Don’t forget to sip on your chamomile tea while at it – extra relaxing!) Spoons – Place 4 metal spoons in ice water. When chilled, place one spoon on each eye. As the spoons begin to warm, switch them with the spoons chilling in ice water. This reduces redness and puffiness in the eye area. Cold milk constricts blood vessels and reduces swelling, while the fat in whole milk soothe dry, irritated skin - Pour ice cold whole milk or cream into a small bowl; soak two cotton balls in it. Squeeze out the cotton balls slightly and put one over each eye. Once the balls warm up, soak two more and repeat for up to 15 minutes. Cucumber slices – Rest two ½ inch thick cucumber slices on a bed of ice to chill. Once cool, place one slice over each eye, lean your head back and relax for 10-15 minutes. Remove the slices and rinse your face with cool water. This is a classic remedy for puffy, irritated eyes. xoxo, Jucia Chong

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