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How To Look Gorgeous When You're Sick

There are days when we’re not exactly on top of our game. Be it clocking in some serious overtime at your 9-5 for 7-days straight, or partying with one too many cocktails or just suffering through the flu season - Exhaustion isn't fun. Let’s face it, looking your best when you’re feeling under the weather is easier said than done. We’ve gathered our intel to gain some insights on the ingredients that get you looking like you’re all ready to conquer the world. Fake it ’til you make it!

Onboard a Long-Haul Flight... Our skin tends to get dry and dehydrated on a plane. Elizabeth Arden’s Eight Hour Cream is a great multi-tasker and suitable as a cream for your hands, face, lip balm and for soothing chapped elbows and feet. Packing this eliminates at least 3 products from your luggage.

Hangover… Too much booze can make your skin look dehydrated and fatigued. Go for a face mask to restore that glow. Our secret to a healthy glow is multi-masking - Vitamin A to combat dark circles and a brightening and hydrating mask for the rest of the face.

Down with Flu… Taking Vitamin C supplements are imperative if you want to combat that pesky flu. Similarly applying Vitamin C topically helps to combat skin dullness. Liquorice extracts will also help to calm inflammations.

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