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What Beauty Products To Pack For Travel

Face Cleanser Don’t leave your skincare routine back home. Keep on top of it by bringing along your daily cleanser. Eve Lom’s Cleanser is a convenient 50ml and contains a unique blend of 4 aromatics oil with cleansing, decongesting and soothing properties.

Foundation Instead of cramming many items into your pouch, just include Hera’s UV Mist Cushion - the multifunction sunblock foundation that works as a mist, foundation and sunblock to brighten and cool down your dewy and glowing skin. It’s a multitasking makeup essential superstar that should get the first-class ticket

All-In-One Makeup Palette A full-service palette, with blush, eye shadow, lipstick and applicators, is a time and space saver. Go from natural “Nude” to sophisticated “Smoky” all in one set that is presented in a refined couture case.

Brushes Almost as thin as your passport, this portfolio features 5 star brushes specifically designed for on-the-go purposes. You can even tuck in a few Plasters, Q-tips and packets of medicine to double as a first-aid kit.

Hairspray You may be escaping into the wild, but that doesn’t mean you hair has to. Tame those flyways and hold your style.

Fragrance Those gorgeous fragrance bottles on your vanity are great. But for a to-go scent, pick up one of the miniatures. These slender vials easily slip into your bag. Spritz on whenever you want to freshen up.

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