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What does your Lipstick Shape Says About You

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Which shape does your lipstick naturally form into when you use it? The shape of them may say a lot about your personality. Here’s how your lips reflects your personality.

Rounded and Smooth Dig deep into your beauty bag and if your lipstick is round and smooth, chances are you have a caring nature. Your living room is your favourite part of the house and you love keeping it tidy and comfortable for get-togethers rather than going out. You also take pride in letting your artsy side take over through hobbies like writing, playing music or drawing. This however doesn’t mean you’re a rule-breaker - quite the opposite. You tend to keep within the bounds of society and most probably never received a speeding ticket.

Rounded to a Point You have a controversial personality. People either love you or hate you. You take pride in being opinionated and bold enough to be vocal with your thoughts. You are also secured enough to not be bothered about people’s views on you. However, despite your intensely bold exterior, you’re always the first in line to offer help and support when a close friend or loved one is in need.

Slanted Curve A law-abiding and obedient moral citizen. You are nervous about disappointing others and are incredibly conscious about other people’s feelings. On the bright side, this empathetic and lovable traits has made you a lovable person and is valuable both socially and professionally.

Flat Top Often know as being witty, intelligent and funny - a natural charmer. You tend to have a great sense of humour but get frustrated during discussions and have a hard time not arguing with people who have different views from you. Sometimes you can leave your loved ones frustrated with your stubbornness. Despite being a charmer, you are rather practical. Documentaries are your favourite genres and find sitting through a romantic comedy painful.

Sharp Curved Top A hopeless romantic. You always seem to find yourself getting crushes with those in your circle, and you’re likely to have a new crush or love interest on the go. You have tons of love to give and enjoy helping others. Being incredibly creative, you sometimes tend to put too much pressure on yourself which can stifle your creativity at times. When it comes to animals, you’re a dog person. You find their fun loving and unconditional loyalty traits very similar to yourself.

Sharp Diagonal Top A natural-born leader. You’re charismatic and ambitious and like things organised and neat. But instead of being a bull-dozer, you are actually very easy to get along with and are often the center of attention. People around you enjoy working with you and respect your authority. Sometimes your eagerness can annoy your peers but you always manage to get things done making you an integral part in both your job and social life.

Flat Concave Top You are a goal-getting and you don’t mind getting down and dirty just to get things done. You biggest pet peeve is not accomplishing something you’ve started. You’re curious and are never afraid to question or take risks. These traits are getting you what you want out of your career, romantic endeavours and social life. You can be nurturing and loyal but if anyone crosses you, be prepared for your wrath.

Sharp Angles on Both Sides Curious, smart and sexy. You’re also a natural flirt - so much so that your friends are often envious of you. You like to be surrounded with people especially those you can learn from. You prefer to engage in unique activities rather than laze around all day. People often find you mysterious and occasionally egoistical. But you love life and enjoy living it to the fullest. Plus, you’re quite a good singer.

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