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Pore-Plugging A New Beauty Trend?

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The fast changing beauty trends and the skincare problems make it difficult to have a perfect skin for most women. It’s unanimous when it comes down to skin pores. It seems to be a major problem faced by every woman. There are series of beauty products that claim to fade, shrink and even hide them, but results are not always positive. Enter in the new emerging trend of pore-plugging putties promises to smoothen the skin and blend the skin tone with its matte finish. The name of pore putty suggests that it works similar to the way as actual putty repair pipes and blemishes from a wooden surface. Yes, it is true! There are reviews of many women who claimed that pore-plugging putty is an effective solution to hide the skin pores. It fills the skin pores and smoothens out the surface of skin making it tight for a day. Some claim that pore-plugging helps to reduce the size and appearance of pores in the long-term. But we’ll leave that open for the moment. Pore-plugging putty can be come as a primer, or can also be applied after makeup to give a matte finish. It does not clog your skin pores or bedaubed as a cracked mask. Instead it evenly distributes on the skin giving a smoother, even and tight appearance. This trendy process of pore filling is although temporary, but an efficient and quick way to get rid of pores for 16 to 20 hours. So yes, this latest trend is completely contradictory to everything we’ve been taught about managing our larger than life pores, but if all others have failed, why not try it?

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