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Anti-Aging Hacks To Cheat Your Age

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One more month to Chinese New Year and everyone is “excited” to dread meet their relatives (especially those they see only once a year). While most of the time we do our best to avoid conversations with them, we still want to look good and gorgeous. Well, we’re here for some genuine tricks that can help us look younger, despite all the fine lines, crow’s feet, dark spots and all. After all, we have a time frame of one month. Consider this a cheat sheet to help you fill out the ridges and give you a youthful looking skin within minutes - there’s really no harm in using some tricks to look five years younger for special occasions.

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Say NO to Puffy Eyes

Cold therapy is an ideal solution to battle tired and swollen eyes. Ice, especially, reduces inflammation and treats water retention, so your dark circles look less prominent. You can immerse your face in an ice bath for 20 seconds or infuse rosewater and cucumber juice into water and make ice cubes for an ice facial.

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Say NO to Laugh Lines

Using eye cream on your upper lip is a good way to fill in aging lines and camouflage those dark spots. Eye creams especially those for under eyes are packed with nutrients and well administer all the necessary ingredients to induce collagen production hence reducing signs of aging. Eye cream contains smaller, more delicate particles that are easily absorbed by the skin, which makes them more effective. We recommend SK-II's Stempower Eye Cream as it helps strengthen the skin and enhances its natural ability to renew itself, reducing sagging of skin and the appearance of wrinkles.

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Stay Fresh and Hydrated

Try this trick. Wash your face with cold water to tighten those pores and semi-dry them. Apply a moisturiser or pumping serum within 10 minutes after your shower. The hydrating oils in your lotions work better on damp skin as they seal the moisture in your pores making your face appear plump, fresh and hydrated. We recommend Laneige's Water Bank Moisture Cream EX that builds up a strong moisture barrier on the skin with hydro-ion mineral water that fills up the skin from deep inside. Sulwhasoo's First Care Activating Serum that is absorbed instantly and deep within the skin, leaving the skin soft, smooth and supple.

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Dark Hair Looks Healthier

Despite the temptation for the #GrannyHair trend and #SandArtHair, the truth is that ashen blonde or colored locks usually look dry and dehydrated. If your tresses are lacklustre, try going for a darker shade. Raven or chocolate browns are very becoming and makes you look younger than you are.

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