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Best Blush Colors For Your Skin Tone

When it comes to beauty and makeup everyone wants to look more beautiful and unique. Different people adopt different ways to make themselves unique from other especially women who spend a lot of their time on their beauty and makeup. But actual beauty comes into existence when you make use of right beauty equipments according to your skin and personality. The wrong selection of beauty equipments can make a big difference and can make you ugly.

There are many different blushes available at market which seems gorgeous but do remember that every gorgeous blush can’t suit on your skin. It is a daunting task to select a right blush which is best for your skin tone. The right blush will make your makeup more natural while if you have chosen the wrong blush for your skin then you are going to deal with a burning problem

For a successful makeup, first of all you must have an idea about your skin tone because without knowing about your skin tone you can’t pick up right blush for your skin. There are essentially three types of skins tone which are mostly known - fair skin, medium skin, and dark skin.

If you have fair skin then you can consider to pick pink shade blushes (natural) and peach shade blush (NARS Blush - Orgasm) for your skin.

If you have medium skin then you need to pick pink shade blush (mocha) and peach shade blush (tipsy)

For love or darker skin tones, you need to pick pink shade blush (amused) and peach shade blush (cinnamon).

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