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Medical Aesthetics Practitioner - Dr. Ngui

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BeautyFresh is honored to introduce our first medically trained guest writer - Dr. Nicholas Ngui.

Dr. Ngui is a highly experienced general practitioner with a special focus on Aesthetic Dermatology with 19 years of clinical practice experience and 12 years of pharmaceutical industry experience behind him. As a pharmaceutical medical director, he was involved in physician and patient education and clinical research with a strong emphasis on ethical practice, treatment compliance and patient safety.

During his years of practice as a family physician, his particular interest in dermatology led him to obtain a postgraduate diploma in family practice dermatology. His focus on cosmetic dermatology came with the realization of its special importance in contributing towards a person’s psychological well-being.

As a result of his dual career, Dr Ngui is a physician who is dedicated to the well-being of his patients, providing them with the best possible care and education while upholding the virtues of strict medical ethics and patient safety.

Dr Ngui was a PSC (Public Service Commission) scholar and read medicine at the National University of Singapore. He graduated in 1984.


MBBS (Singapore) 1984

Graduate Diploma, Family Practice Dermatology (National University of Singapore)

Certificates of Competence in Aesthetic Dermatology accredited by the Singapore Medical Council Aesthetic Practice Oversight Committee

Diploma in Aesthetic Medicine (American Academy of Aesthetic Medicine)

Dr Ngui now practices at Neu Age Clinic in Outram and is known for specialty services in Acne & Acne Scar Treatment, Pigmentation Treatment, Anti-Aging Skin Rejuvenation, Laser Hair Removal, Tattoo Removal and Skin Tag/Mole Removal.

If you have a skin-related concern and would like to find out a bit more about it, you can visit for more information.

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