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Photoshoot Secrets from Makeup Artists

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Nailing your make-up is one thing, but fine-tuning your look for that perfect shot is on a whole new different ball game. There are just so many factors to consider like lighting, background, angles etc. When it comes to being camera-ready, there is simply too much to learn. Thankfully, we‘ve gathered some make-up artists and learned some of the tricks they use on photoshoots so that your next profile picture will be fantabulous.

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Use Shine Sparingly

The goal to looking good in photos is to avoid shiny things. Highly reflective makeup, glitters and glosses distort your face. Only highlight parts you want to stand out, and even so, do it gently. For example, apply shimmer to your eyelids only and not your entire eye area.

Consider drawing attention to high points like cheekbones, brow bones and outer corners of your eyes. Use luminous skincare products instead of highlighters for a more natural look. Estee Lauder Advanced Night Repair Eye Serum Synchronized Complex II helps blur imperfections when the camera flash hits.

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Contour But Gently

To further enhance your best features, do just a touch of contouring—not a full face-paint job.

Contouring can help to create shape in your face and can be very flattering in photos when done with a light hand. Using a fan-shaped brush move in slow circular motions below the apples of your cheeks moving up towards your temples with a dab of NARS Bronzing Powder.

This technique allows the product to mesh into your skin naturally and bring out your cheekbone’s shape. You may also like to apply some bronzer in the creases of your eyelids to give your eyes more shape without looking like you’re wearing eyeshadow.

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More Color

Always remember that a professional camera with studio lightings will soften your makeup by up to 50%. This means you’ll need to apply more color on your cheeks and lips to avoid looking like a dead person in photos. This is actually a super-photogenic makeup item. Consider NARS Matte Multiple for a believable glow that won’t read overly shimmery or faux through the camera lens.

To make a picture pop, go for a bright-coloured lipstick. Natural hues are harder to capture. So be adventurous and have fun with bright and loud colors.

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Less Cover Ups

It can be daunting to get in front of a camera, which is why many of us make the mistake of piling on the foundation to cover up every little imperfection.

Skin has to look like skin. If need be, use a very sheer product to conceal where required. If there is a special event with lots of photo-taking opportunities, focus more on your skin care routine in the lead up.

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Avoid Wash-outs

While the flash of a camera has the potential to be your friend it can also be your worse nightmare, making your skin appear paler and washed out.. Especially with some high-definition powders, these products contain light-reflective particles that blur flaws in normal light but bounce around like crazy when hit with a flash. Even powders and foundations with sunscreen in them, behave the same way when faced with harsh lights.

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