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Red Lippies By Shenny Yang

Red is the colour of passionate love. Red is a hot, strong and stimulating colour and I think it's sexy when painted on the lips. In this post, I'm gonna share more about the different kind of red lipsticks! Colour swatches of the 4 different kind of red lippies I'll be sharing about!

To create that flawless red lips, a lip liner would be your best friend. Lip liner helps to lock your red lipstick on your lips, making the lipstick last longer. All you have to do is to fill in your whole lips with your trusty red lip liner as a base!

2. MAC MATTE LIPSTICK (#Lady Danger)

If you're a warm complexion like me, this orangy-red lipstick is for you! If you're wondering how to differentiate between a warm or a cool complexion, just do a simple vein test! If your veins appear more purple/blue, then you're a cool toned. If your veins are green, then you have a warmer skin tone! For the warm & medium complexions, red lipsticks with hues of orange helps to brighten up your complexion and makes you look fairer :) That is also one reason why my favourite to-go-to lipstick is always orange lipsticks! Trust me! Just scroll back up to see the colour swatches I did and it's so obvious that this Lady Danger shade makes my surrounding skin brighter!

Get it here on BeautyFresh.

3. MAC MATTE LIPSTICK (#Russian Red)

Lately, I have been kind of hooked onto this Mac lipstick in Russian Red, I even wore it on my 1 year anniversary date with H cuz I feel that this shade makes my overall look sexy yet sophisticated- perfect for a date! Since this red comes off pretty strong, it's important to tone down the make-up on the rest of the face. To be safe, stay to brown or nude eye-shadows for the eyes and avoid dark eye-shadows like black. Go easy on the blusher as well! Afterall, less is more! Oh and not forgetting, contour your nose like I did! It really makes a HUGE difference! Also, people with fair complexions would definitely look good in this shade!

Get it here on BeautyFresh.

4. NARS SEMI MATTE LIPSTICK (#Shanghai Express)

Night time is the perfect time to be a lil more wild and adventurous! So bring on your red-wine lipsticks! This look is a lil more edgy, chic and intense! It's perfect for people with medium to dark skin tones.

Get it here on BeautyFresh.

Have you figured out which kind of red suits you best? Hop over to BeautyFresh now to shop for more!

Ps: I can't wait to wear my favourite red lippie this Chinese New Year! Whoo! You should probably get yours soon too! Much love Shenny

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