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Multi-Masking - The Secret To Great Skin

Multi-Masking - The Secret To Great Skin | BeautyFresh

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Multi-Masking A tool to intensively detoxify or hydrate your skin, makes have become an essential component of every solid skincare routine. A great way to write a bespoke prescription for your skin, here are the types you need in your beauty arsenal to maintain spa worthy skin, plus our top tips of how to maximise your mask, The Clay Mask An age-old deep cleansing treatment that has stood the test of time to literally suck dirt out of your ores. They all de-puff and bring a new lease of life to dull skin. Try Innisfree Super Volcanic Pore Clay Mask to deeply cleanse and awaken your skin.

The Moisturising Mask To calm and hydrate skin, these masks are often infused with vitamins, essential fatty acids and hyaluronic acid to nourish and brighten skin. A must for when skin is feeling tight or lack lustre. Try Clinique Even Better Brightening Moisture Mask which contains an advanced moisturising complex to rehydrate and replenish your complexion.

The Sheet Mask Infused with concentrated serums, these masks allow actives to penetrate teh deepest layers of the skin. Best used to target specific skin concerns. Try SK-II Facial Treatment Mask to get even skin tone, boost luminosity and deeply hydrate the skin. While layering masks is not recommended, using a moisturising or sheet mask followed by a clay mask can give you a post facial glow from the comfort of your home. For those who are time conscious or have combination skin, you can use a brush to apply your masks to the targeted areas. For example, you can use a clay mask on your T-Zone, a moisturising mask on your cheeks and neck. Usually a Foundation Brush is sufficient to deliver expert application. OVERNIGHT BENEFIT Make the most of your skin’s natural renewal process by using your mask overnight. When the air is dry, The Moisturising Mask makes an ideal sleep treatment. For those who suffer from breakouts can apply a small amount of Eve Lom Resuce mask to affected areas to help draw out impurities and reduce inflammation.

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