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Nail Colors Every Woman Should Own

New day, new polish. You have to admit, no matter how many funky nail colors you own, there are certain colors that will never leave. You can own 10 bottles or 100, but there will always be a few nail shades that will permanently appear in any one’s collection. Here are our most popular hues:

Classic Red

This traditional color never goes out of style. Versatile and has a long rich history of complementing any look you can possibly try. Classy, edgy, sexy… it’s the vibrancy that flatters all skin tones and never lets you down. A true BFF. We suggest NARS Dovima ($25.90).


There are certain occasions when it calls for barely-there hues. During these moments, a trusty neutral comes into play. Opaque or translucent, we simply love nudes: subtle and flatters any outfit. The darker nude usually work best across all skin tones. Dior Vernis 403 Palais Royal ($32.50) is a creamy polish that goes on smoothly in one swipe.

Light Pink

Use as many coats as you need to find your perfect pastel. Chanel Le Vernis 495 Mica Rose ($25) is a gorgeous sheer formula that makes your mails appear longer.

Bright Pink

Bright Pink is more classic than trendy. So you can wear it season after season especially during Spring and Summer seasons. With the right undertones, a pink can morph into coral or fuchsia. Our go-to pink is Dior Vernis 575 Wonderland ($32.50) or Chanel Le Vernis Rose Exuberant ($25) because it’s bright but not too bold.


Closet alternative to black polish, Navy is a must for the Autumn to Winter transition. Whether it’s matte, shimmer or creme, Navy makes a statement without being too loud. As black might scream goth for some people, navy is an alternative that doesn’t come off as too edgy and yet luxurious and fabulous looking. NARS La Notte ($25.90) is our top pick as flatters all skin tones alike.


When bright and outrageous colors are starting to bore you, take a break with sleek white. Applied on short or long nails, white is the perfect hue for all seasons. In the summer, it highlights your tan. During winter, it has that snow effect. NARS Ecume ($25.90) is as white as snow.


A combination of grey and beige, the range of colors that fall under greige are gorgeous. The creamy autumn hues with hints of mushroom and sage will warm your look and flatter your hands. The cozy color we suggest is YSL La Laque Couture 39 Beige Gallery ($47.40).


The elegance that gold exudes is timeless. This hue flickers in the sun during the summer and rings in the holidays during the cold seasons. With NARS Milos($25.90) your nails will shine and tease the eyes with it’s hologram effect.

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