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10 Nail Hacks to Make Your Nails Last

1. Three strokes are all you need You wouldn’t want to apply a thick layer as it would take forever to dry. Also, a thick coat of nail polish will dry only at the top layer, which makes your manicure more vulnerable to smudges. 2. Repurpose an old lip brush Using an old lip brush, you can dip it in the nail polish remover and clean the area around the nail bed precisely. 3. Stay away from quick-dry nail polish Quick-dry nail polish are generally dehydrating and can dry your nails. You wouldn’t want to spoil your nails right? 4. Use cuticle oil Cuticle oil will immediately hydrate your nails, leaving your nails looking professional as if you have just stepped out of the beauty salon. We recommend soaking your nails in La Mer The Renewal Oil for a softer and more conditioned cuticle. 5. Keep your hands under cold water post-paint Cold water will help speed up the drying process. This will lower the chances of you ruining your manicure before it dries. 6. Never shake your nail polish Shaking will result in air bubbles in the nail polish or on your nails when you paint it on. 7. Keep your paint in a cool, dry, dark place This will allow the formula to last longer as heat and sunlight can alter the thickness and colour of nail polishes. 8. Never file your fingers back and forth The tips of your nails might be torn and jagged if you file in multiple directions. Also, it might lead to splitting, peeling and breaking of nails. 9. Stay away from hot water We all know that hot water causes things to expand. The same thing applies to our nail bed, which will force the nail polish to expand with it. This will result in cracking during the process. 10. Apply base and top coat The base coat will prevent your nails from being stained by the pigmented paint. The top coat, on the other hand, will make your nail polish last longer as you are less likely to get chips. We recommend YSL La Laque Couture in 30 Base & Top Coat.

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