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7 Quick Tips To Lift Your Eyelids

7 Quick Tips to Lift Your Eyelids | BeautyFresh

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Feeling troubled when you wake up with droopy eyelids? Or dealing with aging skin that causes your eyelids to sag? Follow these quick tips to lift your eyelids without surgery!

Eye Makeup Tricks | BeautyFresh

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Eye Makeup

1. Define your brows Fuller-looking eyebrows can help you disguise the appearance of droopy eyelids, making you look less tired. You can use brow pencil that is of the same colour or one shade darker than your brows. Shaping your brows upwards will also help lift your eyelids. 2. Eyeliner Are you applying eyeliner to both your top and bottom lash line? You are doing it wrong! This will actually make your eyes look smaller than what they originally are. Eyeliner should only be applied to the top lash line to open up your eyes. Also, try using brown or white eyeliners as black will only assist in closing the space and make the drooping of your eyelids more prominent. 3. Mascara When your lashes are curled, it will instantly cover up the appearance of droopy eyelids.

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Ice Eye Mask

The cooling effect of a cold compression will reduce swelling and constrict blood vessels.

Cucumber Mask | BeautyFresh

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Cucumber It is a well-known fact that cucumber helps our skin to stay healthy and smooth. But do you know that cucumber has anti-inflammatory properties and can prevent water retention. This will reduce swelling and keep the skin hydrated.

Green Tea / Chamomile Tea | BeautyFresh

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Green Tea / Chamomile Tea Green tea has anti-inflammatory effect due to the presence of ECGC. This reduces skin damage from sunlight. Green tea is also known for increasing elasticity and resilience of skin. Chamomile tea is calming and soothing for tired eyes.

Sleeping | BeautyFresh

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Sleep Insufficient sleep will result in the drooping of your eyelids. Get rid of your swollen and puffy eyes by sleeping at least 7 to 8 hours a day.

Drink Water | BeautyFresh

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Drink Plenty Of Water To tighten the loose skin, drink plenty of water as it will help to maintain the elasticity of your skin. Water is also important for proper disposal of toxins and hydration of skin.

Egg White | BeautyFresh

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Egg White Egg white is used to tighten the pores of the skin under the eyes. It can also reduce swelling and enhance blood circulation, which minimises the puffiness of the eyes.

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