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15 Ways To Get Glowing Skin

15 Ways To Get Glowing Skin | Beautyfresh

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Want to look beautiful and have flawless, glowing skin? Most women have resigned to the fact that they do not have perfect skin. But do not give up yet! We have come up with 15 ways for you to get the glowing skin that you have always dreamed of.

1. Wear your sunscreen

You know this and it is time to put it into actions. 90% of your wrinkles are caused by sun exposure. It is better to start applying your sunscreen now to pre

vent further damages as it is hard to fix in future.

SHISEIDO Anessa Mild Face Sunscreen SPF 46 PA+++ | Beautyfresh

We recommend SHISEIDO Anessa Mild Face Sunscreen SPF 46 PA+++ that provides long-lasting protection against harmful UV rays. Best thing is, it adds a tinted sheen to the skin, hiding pores with satin-smooth finish akin to beautifying powder.

2. Nutritious, fibre rich diet

Nutritious, fibre rich diet | Beautyfresh

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Eat more Omega 3 fatty acids as they are great to reduce inflammation. Also, when you consume more fruits and vegetables, you will be able to achieve spotless and clear skin.

3. Clean your makeup brushes

In between uses, your makeup brushes will definitely collect some dirt and bacteria. This will result in breakouts. It is advisable to wash your brushes once every one to two weeks.

4. Put your skin stash in proper order

In order for your skincare products to make an impact, the sequence in which you apply is very important. Thinner, water-soluble products should be applied first before you apply thicker and creamier products.

5. Hit the sack early

Hit the sack early | Beautyfresh

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There is a reason why it is called beauty sleep! Sleeping early gives your skin more time to regenerate and repair.

6. Give your skin a sip of merlot

Red grape skins contain Resveratrol, which is a strong antioxidant. Research has revealed that Reseveratrol prevents lines, wrinkles and sagging. It also tightens the skin for firmer look.

7. Strip off your makeup before bed

Strip off your makeup before bed | Beautyfresh

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When you wear your makeup overnight, it will clog up your pores, cause excessive dryness and maybe even skin dandruff.

8. Stay out of hot water

Hot showers are indeed comfortable but it is bad for the skin. You are getting rid of the essential oils that your skin requires. Not only that, your blood vessels will dilate which causes flushing and ruddiness.

9. Always moisturise

Moisturisers will prevent the dryness of skin and provide the needed moisture to the skin. Your skin will look radiant and hydrated.

Always moisturise | Beautyfresh

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Sisley Moisturiser with Cucumber | Beautyfresh

If you are looking for one, here's our recommendation - Sisley Moisturiser with Cucumber.

It is a daily-use hydrating product with a fine, silky, non-greasy texture. This moisturizer will leave your skin feeling both more comfortable and refreshed. Its active ingredient, cucumber, is rich in amino acids and mineral salts and revitalizes the skin.

10. Drink an extra glass of water

We all know that we have to drink at least 8 glasses of water a day but why? Water clears toxins that cause inflammation and blemishes. It transports nutrients and oxygen to skin cells and prevent dehydration which can cause premature aging.

11. Keep your hands off your face

Don’t touch your face! Your hands have touched many surfaces and many dirt and germs can be found on them now. Also, when you press against a pimple, it causes inflammation and distress to the skin. This might result in more pimples, decolouration and scarring.

12. Whip a berry tasty treat for your skin

Whip a berry tasty treat for your skin | Beautyfresh

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Raspberry will protect the collagen in your skin, leaving the skin looking plump and beautiful. All you have to do is to mash some raspberry with honey and apply it to your skin for 15 to 20 mins.

13. Pimple care

Resist the temptation to pop your pimples! It will only result in scars, redness, inflammation and might even cause more pimples.

14. Leave stress behind

By relieving stress, your body will lose the excess oils produced by stress hormones. This way, you will be rid of acne and regain your bright youthful texture.

15. Physical activity

Physical activity | Beautyfresh

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Exercise not only reduces stress but it is also the best way to flush out toxins from your body. Make it a habit to do at least half an hour of walking, running or any other forms of exercise that will make you sweat!

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