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Common Beauty Questions on Hand Care

Common Beauty Questions on Hand Care | BeautyFresh

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Are you neglecting on your hand care? Don’t know where to start from? We are here to answer your frequently asked questions!

What should I do?

Remember 7 important steps:

7 important steps for handcart | BeautyFresh

Can I make my own hand treatment at home?

Of course you can! We have listed 5 easy-to-DIY homemade hand treatments scrubs and masks.

DIY Hand Treatment | BeautyFresh

What kind of products should i choose?

For moisturising, look for products with:

Sunflower or soybean oil

Hyaluronic acid




Shea butter

For anti-aging, look for products with:

Alpha-beta hydroxyl


Vitamin C



Kojic acid

Which products should I use on my hands?

1. Jurlique Rose Hand Cream - 40ml

Jurlique Rose Hand Cream |BeautyFresh

A rich, protective hand cream with the relaxing scent of rose to restore smoothness and keep skin looking youthful.

2. Jo Malone Vitamin E Hand Treatment, 100ml

Jo Malone Vitamin E Hand Treatment |BeautyFresh

As the name suggests, Vitamin E is present in the product. As an antioxidant, it repairs and protects your skin and is also a good moisturiser for dry and rough hands.

3. Tony Moly Red Apple Hand Cream, 30gr

Tony Moly Red Apple Hand Cream | BeautyFresh

Made with ingredients like honey and butter, the Red Apple Hand Cream moisturises the hands. Also, the apple acid extract will relieve hands from dead skin cells and dry cuticles.

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