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Everything You Need to Know About BodyCare

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Truly indeed, most of us are obsessed with our face as it is the first thing we see when we look into the mirror. And so much so, we are all guilty of not paying as much attention as we do to our face.
Just like our face, the skin on our body can suffer the effects of UV rays, and other daily stressors. Fret not, we have prepared 6 steps to basic body skin care for a healthy glowing skin!
Step 1: Deep Cleansing
Merely swiping soap over the main parts of your body and rinse thereafter can be a bit too basic. Instead, a good cleanse is needed to get rid of germs and impurities.
Heard of Apivita? Apivita’s products are formulated with highly nutrition beekeeping products, greek herbs and pure essential oils. Here's the skincare range for you.
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Step 2: Exfoliate Well
Do exfoliate two or three times per week with a body scrub or body salt to eliminate dead skin cells and start afresh. Add unique scents/ flavours to awake your senses!
Step 3: Have a Good Rinse
After exfoliating, do remember to rinse thoroughly to leave skin clear and fresh! Not to forget, take a towel to wipe your skin dry before proceeding to the next step, Moisturising!
Step 4: Up Your Moisturising Game
Moisturise daily is a must! Once your skin is cleansed, rinsed and dry, it’s time to moisturize. Incorporating a moisturizing body lotion into your post-shower regimen will ensure that the skin gets the same hydration your face does during your morning skin care routine.
Pick a rich body cream or body lotion like the Jo Malone body cream range, that is slightly scented to help your skin hydrate, nourish and to top if off, leave your body scented all over.
Jo Malone Body Creme | BeautyFresh
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Besides body cream or lotion, you can opt for body oil if you prefer a richer moisturising effect. Body oils enhance the quality of your skin because they soak quickly and deeply into skin to leave it moisturized all day long. NARS Monoi Body Glow II begets glowing, hydrated and naturally fragrant skin.
NARS Monoi Body Glow II | BeautyFresh
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Step 5: Massage, Massage, Massage.
Last but not least, reward yourself with body massages to relive any tension or stress! Frequent body massages can rejuvenate your body with good circulation of blood!
So Ladies, keep these steps in mind for a healthier glowing skin!
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