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Our Guide to Niche Fragrances

Niche perfumes are becoming increasingly popular as department stores and boutiques have begun investing in selling luxury fragrances. But what is it about niche perfumes that have suddenly made them so sought after? Perfume aficionados read on to learn more about luxury fragrances and why you should consider investing in your own personal scent this summer.

It’s all in the ingredients

Niche perfumes are purer than designer brand perfumes due to the fact that they contain natural ingredients and higher concentrations of parfum extract. Parfum tends to be more expensive, but it’s also richer, more luxurious and also lasts longer on the skin.

The art of niche perfumery

There truly is an art to producing niche perfumes. Unlike popular brands, that employ a number of master perfumers to continuously churn out fragrances for them, niche perfumeries almost always work exclusively with one perfumer, who more often than not is the owner of the brand. For this reason alone, niche perfume production is considered a highly esteemed craft in its own right.

Exclusivity points

Niche perfumes are produced in smaller quantities, which means you’ll be less likely to share your unique scent with anyone else. Luxury perfume brands focus on the quality of their products, not the quantities they sell and tend not to be as mass marketed as designer brands. They also have a more selective approach to distribution, though they have become more readily available in well known department stores, such as Harrods in London and Le Bon Marché in Paris.

Pay your way quality

Yes, we’re aware of the fact that niche perfume can be quite expensive. As popular brands are heavily marketed, they’re more affordable than niche brands, which as exclusive scents, tend to sell at double the price of a high street brand, if not more. Don’t feel deterred from purchasing a niche perfume because of its cost, remember, you’re paying for quality and exclusivity!

Choosing the right scent for you

•Considering the cost of purchasing niche perfumes, you’ll want to make sure you’re investing in a scent that’s right for you. Start off by taking a sniff of the perfumes you’ve purchased in the past, can you identify a common base note between them? Are you more inclined towards citrus, floral, oriental, or woody notes?

•Take your time and sample a selection of perfumes from different brands until you find a scent that suits you.

•It can take some time for a base note to react to your skin, which means the scent of any given perfume may change as you wear it so give your new found scent a little test drive before making your final purchase.

Discover your perfect scent from our niche perfume collection.

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