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8 easy steps to looking good at the beach

8 Easy Steps To Look Good At The Beach | BeautyFresh

It's summer time! The time where we get all prepped up to hit the beach. Bask under the sun and brave the waves with these 8 easy steps and still, looking as gorgeous as ever! Read these 8 steps to be a summer beach beauty:

Wax on, wax off

Avoid razor burns by booking a pre-holiday waxing session for long-lasting hair removal and perfectly smooth skin.

Soft as a baby’s bottom

Shiseido Skincare | BeautyFresh

Prep your skin for a tan by gently exfoliating and setting up a daily moisturising routine. Moisturiser is best absorbed on damp skin, so make sure you have some lotion at hand when you pop out of the shower. Oh, and don’t forget to moisturise those feet!

Try the latest Shiseido collection we have in store.


Taming of the hair

Whether it’s a cut, colour or nourishing hair treatment that you opt for, give your hair a little tender loving care before heading off on holiday, because everyone feels fabulous after hitting the salon.

Get set, pedi, go!

It’s time to get those toes out, which means perfectly manicured nails at all times. Set the holiday mood by opting for summer colours, such as bold pinks, tropical corals and cool blues.

Pool-proof lashes

Dior Show Mascaras | BeautyFresh

Semi permanent false lashes will give you long and fuss free peepers all summer long. If you can’t afford decent falsies, purchase a volumising waterproof mascara instead. We recommend the Dior Show Mascara range which is highly recommended by celebs and makeup artists!

As fresh as a daisy

Sweeten up your scent with a fresh fragrance this summer. Why not create your own custom fragrance by combining different scents, check out our previous post on how to layer up your scent to create your own signature perfume to learn how!

Fake it until you make it

If you haven’t spent enough time at the beach yet, apply a bit of fake tan to kick start that summer glow. Don’t overdo it though, as orange really isn’t the new bronze!

Statement lips

MAC Lipsticks | BeautyFresh

It’s far too warm out to stick to your usual makeup routine, plus who’s got time to contour when you should be out frolicking in the sun instead?! Keep your makeup to a minimum and opt instead for a statement lip by purchasing a bright and bold lipstick. Hot pinks are in trend this summer, as are warm corals and poppy reds like the MAC lipsticks shown in the image.

Bear these steps in mind and you are good to hit the beach! Girls, step up your beach game!

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