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5 beauty tricks that make your face thinner

5 beauty tricks that make your face thinner | BeautyFresh

Having a slimmer face remains one of our top beauty priorities where most of us work rigorously to achieve it. While we are trying out the latest technique of contouring, highlighting and strobing to sculpt our face, there are other tons of (under-the-radar) beauty tricks that we are dishing out for this post!

Add lowlights to your face

Apply lowlights | BeautyFresh

Dark shades make your face slimmer while highlights can actually make it appear wider. so, what's the trick here? Apply lowlights along the strands closest to your face and add bright colours such as red, blue, pink and etc on the tip of your hair and crown of your head. This way, you'll have a smashing hair colour that works to make your face look slimmer.

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Shape your brows

Shape your brows | BeautyFresh

Indeed, brows shape the frame of your face and it is necessary to shape your brows in order to have a slimmer looking face. Shape your brows with a bit more of an angular arch to nicely frame your face with a slim-out effect.

Try the Bobbi Brown's Perfectly Defined Long-Wear Brow Pencil, an automatic brow pencil with a unique slant tip for ultra-precise definition, plus 16-hour wear that's sweat- and humidity-resistant and waterproof.

Important point to note here is not to over-tweeze as thin brows will make your face appear wider and rounder.

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Have a winged flick

Winged eye | BeautyFresh

Focusing on your eyes draws the attention away from the rest of your face. With a winged eye look it elongates your eyes making it look bigger!

Try The MAC Fluidline provides the precision of a liquid liner with a silkier, softer finish. Now, say bye to smudges!

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Apply blush correctly

Applying blush to our face can help to create a slimmer looking face. The trick to that, is to pick the right shade and the right placement of your blush. Look for a blush with a slight brown undertone to show off the contours of your face without going full contour. While, a red undertone can often make the face look rounder which we kind of uch shades. Instead of applying to the apples of the cheeks, brush the blush right under your cheekbones up to the middle of each ear.

Try the NARS Blush - Gina, a subtle brown undertones that can be used for contouring or delivers a natural-looking flush.

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Pampering with Facial Massage

Face Massage | BeautyFresh

Frequent facial massages stimulate blood circulation and by applying firming and lifting skin care products can make your face thinner and firmer.

Try the Clinique Sculptwear Lift and Contour Serum for Face and Neck, for an immediate tightening effect. In 8 weeks, a visible 40% lift all along the jawline with PolySculpt Technology.

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