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5 pretty and easy Halloween makeup ideas for 2016

Halloween is around the corner and for those of you who are cracking your brains on what to dress up to clubs, or parties, we’ve prepared your guide to 2016 Halloween!

Of course, deciding which character to dress up as may well be quite taxing. Hence, we’ve picked the top 5 Halloween ideas to try out and most importantly, easy to pull off!

#1. Harley Quinn

I’m sure most of us are smitten by the character, Harley Quinn after watching Suicide Squad! We can’t deny how pretty and funky her outfits and makeup are! This is definitely a pretty and fun Halloween idea to dress up as! A word of caution though, do stay away from this look if you are heading to Zouk or other clubs this Halloween. You will not want to bump into a dozens of doppelgangers. OOPS…

Harley Quinn Halloween Idea | BeautyFresh

#2. Snapchat Filter

Let's not deny how caught up we are with those snapchat filters. The dog filter, pretty flower girl look and other funky cool filters that make us look extraordinary unique. You get what I meant. And, why not bring these filters to life!

#3. Magical Unicorn

Unicorn lovers out there, here's a look to die for this Halloween! Needless to say, this is gorgeous.

#4. Cute Cat Look

A look that you will never go wrong. Cat lady is always a safe look and moreover, a look that will still make you look pretty and sexy! So, why not!

#5. Ariana Grande Dangerous Women

If you want to mimic any celebrity looks, here's a fuss-free Halloween look you might want to give it a try. Just a mask, lace bunny ears and a sexy costume and, you're good to go!

Happy Halloween everyone! Have fun trying out these looks and have fun!

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